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Quasar Institute For Advanced Design

Technology & new Media

Undergraduate Degree

This course want to train new generations of artistic operators who, with a critical attitude, observe and decode the social and cultural changes of contemporary society, elaborating aesthetic and design solutions, generated by research and experimentation.

Quasar Institute For Advanced Design

Technology & New Media

Undergraduate Degree


In line with the educational aims of the School of New Technologies of Art to which it belongs, the First Level Academic course in Technology & New Media aims to train artists and designers capable of operating while maintaining full intellectual and creative mastery of the techniques they use and to combine different techniques with each other even in an experimental way in search of new languages ​​and unprecedented extensions of expressive forms. In addition to the technical contents and the different communication media technologies necessary to express oneself professionally in the various fields of creative activities, the course intends to provide theoretical teachings useful for the acquisition of the aesthetic sensibility and critical maturity required by an artistic, communicative, museum, ludic, educational or any other project.


  • History of Contemporary Art – 8 CFA
  • Computer graphics – 8 CFA
  • Digital technologies and applications – 8 CFA
  • Digital cultures – 8 CFA
  • Theories and techniques of interaction – 8 CFA
  • Integrated New Media Techniques – 12 CFA
  • Cultural Anthropology – 8 CFA
  • Mass media theory and method – 8 CFA
  • Digital photography – 10 CFA
  • Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts – 8 CFA
  • Multimedia Design – 10 CFA
  • Use of web software – 8 CFA
  • Video game techniques and methodologies – 10 CFA
  • Digital modeling techniques – 3D comp – 12 CFA
  • Media art organization and production – 8 CFA
  • Net art – 10 CFA
  • Sound Design – 8 CFA
  • English – 4 CFA


The Technology & New Media course has been specifically designed to satisfy a social need and at the same time envisage a training and experiential path oriented towards an activity of great individual gratification. Employment prospects thus expand to the professional fields that require the use of new technologies for graphic design, web, 3D modeling, animation, digital multimedia arts sector, both in the professional field, in relation to the media industry, photography, videomaking, web design and graphic design; multimedia productions, online and offline, which exploit both real and virtual sources, which can be perfectly integrated into production processes of an artistic, editorial, informative, communicative, social play type.

The Course is accredited by the Ministry with the name “New Art Technologies”.


At Quasar Institute for Advanced Design courses are taught by successful and experienced designers, professors, technicians and artists, selected not only for their teaching vocation but also for their passion and real knowledge of the work landscape. Quasar considers its teaching staff as the backbone of its educational offer, there is a very close relationship between the faculty and the students community, every class is composed by maximun 20 future designers.


A network of collaborations will immediately allow you to try your hand at real projects and relate to internationally renowned business realities such as Fendi, Aeronautica Militare, Coni, Ikea and many others.

Quasar Institute not only manages to respond to the challenges and evolutions of the working world, but also to anticipate their requests and trends. This is why, to date, the placement rate of our students is 96%.


Students from all over the world can apply to the courses in Quasar Institute for Advanced Design. It is an easy guided process, by filling the request information form you will be contacted by the International Admissions office that will provide you the information and follow you in the application procedure.

Studying abroad is an important commitment for a student and her or his family, for this reason we make a deep analisys of the student background and academic goals to find the best match in our academic offer. The Internationa Admissions Office supports the compliance of the documents for validating the studies and visa request in the Italian Diplomatic bodies, directly or with the support of the local partners.

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