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Was born in a farmhouse surrounded by the rural life of the Lucca hills. The green and plant care will become later his passion, but his free spirit leads him elsewhere initially. England, France, Germany are the destinations of his curiosity and a test of his vocation in an unconventional approach to the horticulturist profession. After his studies of Art History in Florence, the silent gems of his passion begin to sprout; parallel to the experiments in the field of painting and sculpture, in fact, Maurizio arrives at a first approach to the world of plants and botany thanks to the art of bonsai and ikebana, working at the historic center of Pistoia Bonsai FRANCHI. The die is cast. From there to do the gardening one’s life, it is a short step. He attended the private degree course in “Horticulture and design of green spaces” in the School of Agriculture at the Park of Monza, perfecting his studies with a master’s degree in “Restoration and recovery of ancient gardens” at the Royal Horticultural Society of London. Became head gardener at Villa Massei in Lucca, which in those years receives mention as best garden in Italy from RHS. There, he was able to deal professionally with the likes of Penelope Hobhouse caliber, garden designers of the Royals of England, and to practice organic gardening. This experience will result in the profession of garden designers-restoration, specializing in the recovery and restoration of gardens in historic villas which joins the design of gardens, terraces, historic Tuscan villas and ecclesiastical cloisters. Today, inoltrericco of the past and conscious of their vocation, proposes a new vision of green, uprooting the foundations of the traditional design of gardens and terraces, without retracting them but playing with them. He lives between Lucca and Rome. Subject taught at…

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