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Quasar Lab

A new epicenter of creativity

When man dreams or invents, he expresses the part of himself closest to the divine. However, human creativity, as well as design inspiration, is inextricably linked to matter: to the different possibilities of shaping and structuring it into a form.

Idea, form and material: the synthesis of this triptych of planning can be found in the Quasar-Lab.

Quasar Lab

This brand new laboratory provides teachers and students with various types of 3D printers, laser engravers, UV printers, 3D scanners, numerically controlled milling machines, thermoformers, and an equipped bench for electronic and robotic processing.

Several products made in this workshop-laboratory have been able to stand out for their innovativeness and manufacturing quality in the most important events dedicated to design, such as Maker Faire, Milan Design Week, Wave Market, Edit Napoli and Excellence.

The workshop-laboratory products can be purchased on our e-commerce

The Q-LAB represents the will of the Quasar Institute to establish itself, together with its students, as an active reality in the productive panorama of national and international design; a cultural pole; an epicenter of experimentation; an incubator of new ideas

Quasar Lab also supports Designers, Companies and external Organizations in the design, development and creation of prototypes, as well as in the production of small series of products. Many companies have relied on our services, thanks to Q-Lab’s ability to manage the entire creative process through innovative and traditional techniques, where craftsmanship, technology and design come together to best meet the needs of our customers. Engineering, Product Design, Architecture, Biomedical, Jewellery, Exhibit Design, are just some of the sectors in which the Quasar Institute laboratory operates.

Training offer

  • 3D modeling (Rhino) and 3D printing
  • Vector drawing, image processing for laser cut use
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Sectoral courses

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All Quasar Institute for Advanced Design courses are held by successful and experienced designers, professors, technicians and artists, selected not only for their didactic vocation for teaching but also for their passion and real knowledge of the working landscape. Quasar considers its teaching staff as the backbone of its educational offer: the goal is to offer students the best.

Creative Direction

Alessandro Gorla, Designer, Quasar Teacher and Director of the Master in Product Design & Made in Italy, in which he teaches “Lab. Design ”and“ Development and Prototyping ”, he is also a professor of the Design Laboratories in the three-year course of Habitat Design where he coordinates the second year. Trained at the Milan Polytechnic, he has collaborated and interacted with design studios and companies all over the world.

He has created projects and installations for various companies and for the theater and music sector. He has been a lecturer at various universities in Italy and Mexico. In 2013 he founded Studio Algoritmo in Rome, a design company specializing in Product, Interior and Graphic Design.

Design, technical assistance and prototype development

Gianmarco Guarascio is Designer and Technician of Quasar Design Factory, professor of CAD drawing and 3D modeling in Quasar individual courses and higher education institutes. Trained as a designer in the three-year course of Habitat Design QIAD, he continued his studies within the master’s degree in Product Design & Made in Italy.

He also works as a freelance designer collaborating with private clients, companies and design studios in the interior design sector and in communication for the architectural project.

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