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Riccardo de Antonis Farewell

Riccardo de Antonis FarewellRiccardo de Antonis Farewell

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design wishes to share with all its students, teachers and friends the painful news of the death of Prof. Riccardo De Antonis, photographer and teacher that Quasar had the privilege of knowing and living. We want to remember Prof. De Antonis through the words of homage of Prof. Benedetto Todaro, Scientific Director of Quasar.

Riccardo De Antonis, Photographer 1952 – 2020

“Yesterday a dear friend, a good photographer, a passionate teacher and a refined man of culture, sweet and affable left us: a man of other times. Quasar Institute for Advanced Design joins his family by participating in this painful loss. Riccardo De Antonis was for many years the fundamental reference for photography not only inside Quasar, but for the entire Roman and national environment. In his work the cultural contents and the technical expertise have found a unique harmony. art and heir of Pasquale De Antonis: one of the greatest protagonists of the art scene at the turn of the last war and in the years of reconstruction, he had the good fortune to participate, still very young, in the fervent cultural climate of the Italian postwar period, among intellectuals, writers, actors, artists, directors and critics protagonists of the Italian and in particular Roman scene (which means world-wide) in the golden years of its creative effervescence.

Cinema, theater, art galleries and then travel and the exotic dimension. These are the experiences underlying his training and professional practice, these are the stimuli, but also the subjects of his filming. His production is always refined and high quality, many photo books he leaves. What most characterizes and distinguishes Riccardo in the panorama of contemporary photography is the particular aptitude for tracing, on occasion and in everyday life, the thickness and depth of possible meanings, restoring value, dignity and fullness to the existential dimension as only the attentive eye and a sensitive and cultured soul know how to grasp and communicate.

Nor can we neglect his teaching contribution that has lasted for many years, his passion and generous willingness to share experience for the growth of young talents. We still have his image in our eyes while, surrounded by small groups of young people who are understood and attentive, he exercises his magisterium with the simplicity and charisma of a lay apostle.

Riccardo will always be with us, we love you and we will not forget you. “

Benedetto Todaro


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