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Ludovica Castello

Ludovica Castello, born in 1997, attended the three-year course in “Graphics and Visual Communication

Ludovica’s journey was challenging, exciting with an unexpected conclusion. Ludovica lent herself to recounting her experience in the Quasar directly on site, giving us various facets of her academic career.

“Before choosing who to entrust my training to, I visited many institutes, all valid and interesting. But from the moment I set foot in the Quasar, I felt at home. The meeting with the consultant was very pleasant, right from the start she gave me hospitality and transparency, these elements helped me choose the academy without having to feel the pressure of making such an important choice.”

Ludovica particularly appreciated how communication, a fundamental subject of her course, was tackled “Those who are passionate about design know more or less the use of software, here at the academy we tackled everything that lies behind the result: starting from history of communication to the perception of elements, from the emotional experience of colors or shapes. All this has led us to create projects that have not only a great aesthetic sense, but a real communicative meaning”.

“ During my career in Quasar I had the opportunity to work in direct contact with real brands and big companies. I remember my internship in the editorial staff of the Air Force magazine. It was an exciting experience, even if it lasted only a few months. It was a great challenge to deal with a structured and institutional body, and above all a satisfaction to see my work published in the official Air Force magazine. Another extremely stimulating experience that I remember with pleasure is the annual Workshop organized by the Quasar: for two weeks the students of all courses collaborate with each other for the realization of a project whose brief is given directly by the Academy. Collaborating with colleagues from other courses gives you the opportunity to have a much broader vision of things and draw inspiration from the people around you. “

After the discussion of her thesis, on the occasion of Career Day, Ludovica faced various interviews to enter the world of work, including one, which arrived directly from Quasar. “ I didn’t expect an interview from the Quasar. They asked me to join the staff as Social Media Manager. It goes without saying how enthusiastic I was to accept that role and to work in contact with the reality that allowed me to deepen my skills. The transition from student to staff was strange but intense: assisting and putting his hand to the implementation of each initiative proposed to the students, observing how the staff with tenacity and collaboration strives to ensure that all students have a noteworthy education. Everything happened very quickly but, for the second time I felt at home”

“ My career within the Institute is constantly changing. Now I’m Graphic Designer, but I don’t want to stop there. I want to continue my education, implementing new knowledge to better carry out my current job and become an Art Director. I have creativity and ideas to sell, and I would like to actively follow all the creative phases of a project. ”

Ludovica is the example of how satisfactions come with passion and dedication. She is a whirlwind of ideas and dynamism and we are thrilled to meet her every day in our corridors and especially to have her on our team.

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