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From Quasar To Vilnius: interview to Erasmus Exchange student Rachele D’Armini

From Quasar To Vilnius: interview to Erasmus Exchange student Rachele D’Armini

A student of the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design shared her experience with the Erasmus program and advised her classmates: go, it will change your life!

Rachele D’Armini, 19, is a student of the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, enrolled in the course of Graphic & Communication Design. Since the end of September she moved to Lithuania, in Vilnius, where she will study in exchange until February at the Vilnius College of Design. In fact, since this year, Quasar has opened its doors to the Erasmus+, allowing its students to join the Europe’s largest exchange program: an opportunity to expand their horizons and have an unforgettable experience.

Ciao Rachel, going in exchange the era of Covid19 hints that you are very brave person,  What does it mean for you to participate in the Erasmus program?In my opinion, courage has nothing to do with it, it is the desire to do and try new experiences that makes you overcome all obstacles, small or big, such as Covid-19. Furthermore, my family has always supported and encouraged me to live this experience, because they know too that it is important for my personal growth. Participating in the Erasmus program is like being reborn, you go and discover a new country, where you dive into new traditions, new lifestyles. And if you reset your life for a shorter or longer period of time, let’s say you get back to being a baby but as adult. Our life becomes a constant adventure.

Did you find participation in the tender complicated? Participation in the call is very simple: you just have to fill out an online form with simple general questions. Then, honestly speaking, if someone really wants something, nothing is complicated!

Why did you choose Vilnius as your destination?I chose the capital of Lithuania because it is still little known city, very little talked about compared to other European capitals. It is not a huge city, so it is very easy to get around by walk, and as you turn you pass from the low, old houses of the old town (Senamiestis) to the modern office towers overlooking the Neris River (Šnipiškės). It almost feels like living in two cities at the same time. I preferred Vilnius to other destinations also because I know that it would never be a destination of my choice for a trip with family or friends, but now that I’m here I absolutely recommend it. I chose this destination also looking at the various universities and VDK (Vilnius dizaino kolegija) seemed to me the best.

How is it going? And what impact do you think this experience will have on your studies and your life? For now everything is going perfectly, new friends, perfect University. Surely after an Erasmus program you will not come back the same as before, you grow in a particular and special way, because living surrounded by people from other cultures and countries, who see the same things as you but in a different way, you are influenced without realizing it. bill. As for my studies, I think that an experience like this can only be an addition to life, because studying the same things but with a different method and different teachers can open your mind to new ideas. And I think that in the very near future I might also think about developing a thesis on my Erasmus program.

Would you recommend other Quasar students to have the same experience? And why? Absolutely yes, first of all because registration is very simple, then because it is an experience that changes you and opens your way of thinking about life and people from other countries. It is like a cloth to remove dust: by participating in the Erasmus program, you “clean” yourself from all stereotypes and clichés about other countries and cultures. It is difficult to explain and make people understand what I am experiencing, because the emotions are so many, no one will ever be able to put themselves in my shoes. When I come back, I will be able to tell an anecdote or one of my memories that will amuse my friends, but I will never be able to truly convey what I felt on Erasmus. It is an experience that must be lived on your own skin!

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