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Colleferro Morandian City

Colleferro Morandian City: Prof. Benedetto Todaro speaker at Urbis Signum event

Colleferro Morandian City

Urbis Signum is the event that defines the connoting signs of Colleferro City of Culture of the Lazio Region, on the 85th anniversary of its foundation.

URBIS SIGNUM is the event that will tell the genesis of the Morandian Collection, the urban identity project created by Ri-Gymnasium for the Monumental Complex of the Morandian City of Colleferro. A catalog of objects and good practices for public space, designed using the method of the Photographic Mission and the technological research of Italcementi Photocatalytic Cement.

The Mayor, Pierluigi Sanna, will inaugurate the installation of the Photographic Mission at the City Hall, and will accompany the guests to visit the Monumental Complex of the Morandian City, showing them the Morandiana Collection of Identitary Urban Furniture. The event will finish at the Covered Market area, with the summary Conference, in which the catalog of the Morandiana Collection and the Video of the Photographic Mission will be presented.

Among the speakers Prof. Benedetto Todaro, co-founder of the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design and President of the Scientific Committee of the Institute; Moreno Maggi, Architectural Photographer; Antonio Visceglia, Filmmaker; the producers of the Morandiana Collection, Giorgio La Corte and Stefano Stringola; the designers Luca Calselli and Dario Biello. The closing greetings will be from Emilia Della Guardia, President of “Colleferro Commerciale”, the Business Network that has donated the catalog of Identitarian Urban Furniture to Colleferro City.

The presentation will take place in Colleferro(RM), on June the 27th, at 4.30 pm, in Piazza Italia.

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