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Dedicated to the co-founder of Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, Silvia Benedetti de Cousandier, a private library open to all public, cultural heart of the Institute.

The catalogue gathers more than 6000 volumes of precious books and the main encyclopedias about art and design, other than generalist books on the culture and phenomenology of contemporary expression. The topics of the books range from aesthetics to art, from architecture to design, from landscape and garden design to interior design and furnishing, from graphics to visual communication.

Library: “SILVIA BENEDETTI de Cousandier”

Born to give the Quasar community a space to foster and share knowledge, the Library is a fundamental tool for individual growth, for everyone’s right to an education, and for lifelong learning. The services offered aim to foster the students’ interest in reading, to give them the ability to correctly use documents (both traditional and multimedial), to know how to find them and consult them.

The Library is also a space open to the public, thanks to the partnership established between Quasar Institute for Advanced Design and Polo SBN/RMR, the online research platform for volumes and documents in the catalogues of Italy’s libraries. Readers from all the Universities and Academies can consult our books.


  • Tuesday and Thursday: 9am-1pm
  • Wednesday and Friday: 2pm-6pm

The catalogue can be consulted inside the library or online on the IEI – Istituti Culturali di Roma site.

The library is also accessible for study, research and cultural growth reasons. The documents can be consulted exclusively during opening hours.

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