User Interface Design 2

Lecturer at the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design since 2020, where she teaches “”User Interface Design 2″”.

Graduated in “”Advertising graphics”” and in “”Digital Communication””, at La Sapienza University of Rome. She collaborated with the CATTID Research Center (La Sapienza University of Rome) and the LUA Laboratory – Usability and Accessibility Laboratory – at the Department of Planning, Design, Architecture Technology (La Sapienza University of Rome) where she participated in several European and national research projects, dealing with Visual and Interaction Design. She is a professor of “”Computer Graphics, Modeling & 3D Printing”” at Link Campus University, where she also carries out research within the DASIC Research Center, dealing with the study of new metaphors and communication models within exhibition contexts through the application of the Interaction Design and User Experience paradigms, as well as the study of the impact of technological innovation on man-machine and man-man interaction processes.

She has several collaborations as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator.