Executive planning

Fabrizio Amadei is an architect specialized in materials technology and use of renewable resources, BIM, and in particular in the executive and construction design. Currently PhD student in environmental design at the DPTA of the La Sapienza University, Contract professor at Roma TRE in the Estimo laboratory at the Restoration course and at the Promoter / Confcommercio of Design of Commercial Spaces, and in the past contract professor in Technology of Architecture at the Valle Giulia Architecture Faculty and ANAB courses on wooden Architecture.

From 2005 to 2016 he collaborated with the General Contractor Master Engineering Srl with the role of technical designer collaborating in the construction of the Centro Commerciale Roma Est, in the residential project and realization of the “”Grandparents’ house”” at Lunghezza (Rm) and other projects.

As a freelancer, he is responsible for the design of the requalification of Castel del Monte (Bt) on behalf of Invitalia and the executive design of the design of the outdoor spaces of the PRINT of Santa Palomba (Rm) on behalf of CO.GE.SAN. in addition to competitions, university research and other assignments.