Web Design

When he was a child his family bought him a 486dx 33mHz computer: since then, his computing power continues to grow along with his passion for the digital world. Today, among other things, he teaches Web Languages in Quasar. HTML is one of many languages that he has used for more than 18 years as a consultant and teacher in Digital Marketing. Graduated with honors in Communication Sciences, with two years off course because he started working from the first day of university. Since then he has not been able to separate Theory & Practice and continuously studies UX, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Project Management. He spends many nights cultivating his many passions: Lego, books, Star Wars, Raspberry Pi, board games, Ai Ki Do.

During the day, while not teaching, he helps his clients develop effective Marketing strategies. Hates slides. He only uses them if necessary: in his classrooms the brains must work, not look.