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Interaction Design UX/UI and Media Arts

Three-year Undergraduate Degree
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First-Level Academic Degree recognized by MIUR.

Interaction Design UX/UI and Media Arts

Interaction Design UX/UI and Media Arts

Three-year Undergraduate Degree
Interaction Design UX/UI and Media Arts
Start date

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Degree and certificates obtained

First-Level Academic Degree recognized by MIUR.

The course aims to train designers who approach in a critical and comprehensive way the complex area of multimedia design, including physical computing and robotics, web and app design, and augmented reality.

Interaction Design is the discipline that studies how digital technologies permeate daily life to an increasing extent. In this context, “interaction” is understood in a broader sense, starting from the relationship between man and machine, i.e. user and device. Students of this course will learn the most advanced web techniques; they will become not simply developers, but designers of User Experience (UX). The study of Interface Design (UI) will delve into the world of mobile apps and analyse projects that integrate different media. The course also includes the study of Tangible Interaction, i.e. the construction of physical interfaces, interactive machines and immersive environments through creative programming, videomapping, augmented reality and virtual reality.

In addition, the course provides theoretical lessons that allow the student to acquire the sensitivity required in a wide range of contexts, such as artistic projects, museum exhibitions and games.


This undergraduate course is aimed at high school graduates, from all types of secondary schools, who aspire to become multimedia designers; at creative students who want to develop their artistic skills on the foundations of a structured knowledge and a wide array of multimedia languages. Such skills are essential to work in a field as complex as that of multimedia and interactive design. The course can also be useful for professionals who already work in the communication field, as an efficient tool of specialization and professional update.


The aim of the course is two-fold: to train designers who can approach the complex field of multimedia design in a critical and aware way, and to specialize and update the training of professionals already working in the communication field.




By graduating in the Interaction Design course the student can aspire to become:

  • Interaction Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Communication Designer
  • Media Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Project Manager

First Year Program credits hours
Interface design 10 100
Computer graphic 8 80
Digital image processing 6 60
Programming 12 120
Theories and techniques of interaction 8 48
Multimedia communication 8 48
Drawing techniques – 3D modelling 4 40
Laws of information and digital communication 4 24
Total 60


Second Year Program credits hours
Technologies and digital applications 6 60
Mass media theory and methodology 6 36
Digital photography 4 40
Multimedia design 8 80
Interaction software design 10 100
Interaction design 10 100
Net marketing 6 36
English language 2
Elective 4
Seminars, Workshops, Competitions, Traineeships 4
Total 60


Third Year Program credits hours
Sound design 4 40
Interactive systems 10 100
Integrated new media techniques 6 36
Multimedia istallations 10 100
Exhibition communication 8 80
Elective 6
Seminars, Workshops, Competiotions, Traineeships 6
Final Thesis 10
Total 60


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