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Product Design – Made in Italy

One-Year Master's Degree

Postgraduate Course recognized by MIUR

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First Level Master’s Degree

Quasar Diploma

Software Certificates

Product Design – Made in Italy

Product Design – Made in Italy

Master Post Laurea

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Product Design – Made in Italy
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First Level Master’s Degree

Quasar Diploma

Software Certificates

The Master’s Degree in Product Design was born from the fusion of the Industrial Design course and the Interaction Design one.

This innovative degree will train the students to conceive, produce and promote objects that bring new values to the market, whether economic, social, industrial or relational. The aim is to combine artisanal skills and digital/technological know-how, local practices and global needs, specialized professionalism and collective narratives. The students will learn how to best respond to the ever-evolving demands of current design in relation to the public’s demands, the critics and the market.


The Master’s is aimed at graduates and near-graduates from first and second level university courses in every discipline; at professionals and lovers of the subject with design knowledge and basic CAD modeling skills, interested in the management of a Product Design project from inception to realization.

The course requires an elementary knowledge of English.


The goal is to have the students master every stage of a project through frontal lessons and practical ones. The students will learn to represent their idea through two-dimensional and three-dimensional models, both physical and virtual, and then make it into a prototype. The focus will be on the development of projects that merge an attention to process and materials, and production techniques.

The student, through lectures and workshops, will develop design models from initial concept to prototype, through different kinds of digital representation. The student will hone his or her skills in the use of NURBS and Mesh modeling softwares. As they reach the operative stage, the students will learn the techniques of Rapid Prototyping.

The final workshop will require the students to develop various design themes, and thus will allow them to adapt the design process to industrial, indipendent and interactive design.





Graduates of the Product Design – Made in Italy Postgraduate Course can aspire to the following professional roles:

  • Product Designer
  • Brand Designer 3D
  • Prototyper




The Master’s will have these main class areas:


Ailing from the Industrial Design curriculum, this class area is related to everything concerning the self-production of a design, from the strategic planning of communication to promotion relative to the current market.

Modeling and Rapid Prototyping

This class area takes into consideration all digital representation languages for 3D virtual models: NURBS and mesh representation, visual scripting, rapid prototyping techniques, 3D printing and milling.

Materials Science

This subject focuses on the study of the characteristics of materials and on the potentials offered by new technologies used in synergy with traditional ones.


The Master’s workshops will allow the student to experiment the concrete, possible intersections between design and current technologies. The aim is to activate new relationships between man, objects, and the surrounding environment.


Class Credits
Analysis and context of a product 2
Management and marketing 2
Computer-assisted representation techniques 6
Rapid prototyping softwares and techniques 3
Interaction design 5
Concept development workshop 1 7
Concept development workshop 2 7
Materials science for design 2
Development-to-promotion process of a product design 7
History and criticism of product design 2
Internship 17
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