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Interior Design

One-Year Master's Degree

Postgraduate Course recognized by MIUR

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First Level Master’s Degree

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Interior Design

Interior Design

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Interior Design
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First Level Master’s Degree

Quasar Diploma

Software Certificates

This Master’s Degree aims to give students the knowledge necessary to own the entire design process, from initial concept to execution. The student will learn to work with considerable versatility and operational autonomy, optimizing his or her professional chances.

The course is a through and high-quality path of specialization in the field of interior design. Starting from a solid, experience-based foundation, it aims to give the student an in-depth knowledge of both the history and cultural tradition of interior design. It then moves on to the most cutting-edge practices and theories of the field, which take into account a wide range of needs – functional, economic, aesthetic, psychological and environmental. The course provides an educational path that starts from the history, critique, and methodology of interior design, and from the basics of representation techniques and technical drawing. Its aim is to develop over time a greater maturity and mastery in the design languages, and finally reach the intensive workshop phase, in tune with the latest technologies available.



The Master’s Degree in Interior Design is aimed at graduates from Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees in subjects or areas consistent with the Master’s classes.

It also requires previous technical experience.

Candidates are invited to present a portfolio of past projects and to have an aptitude interview with the coordinator of the course.


The main objective of the course is to provide the student with the technical and critical tools to immerse oneself fully and with self-awareness in their professional activity. The student will have the opportunity to meet important and well-known professionals, and to assist them directly with the realization of their work. Finally, the student will also be involved in the realization phase, and stay in close contact with the manufacturing companies and the workers, with visits to production sites at different progress stages.



Graduates of the Interior Design Postgraduate Course can aspire to the following professional roles:

  • Interior Designer
  • Renderer
  • Modeler
  • Exhibition Designer


History and Critique of Interior Design

This class area focuses on the cultural and historical universe that defines the field of Interior Design – in its manifold meanings and different interpretations. The classes will deal not only with the historical aspects of Design, but also with the ways Design interacts, influences and interacts with fashion and art.

Digital Modeling

This class area offers the right skills and tools to create 3D architectural and design models. It provides the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to build three-dimensional (3D) digital models of solids and surfaces.

Materials Science and Furnishing Techniques

This class area is twofold. On the one hand, it explores the technical aspects of industrial and artisanal furniture production; on the other, it deals with all the techniques to adapt furnishing elements to pre-existing ones, including the use of semifinished products to renovate the fundamental surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, doors and windows). Other topics covered include basic knowledge of plant building and the study of functional monoblocks (bathrooms and kitchens). The student will learn to manage all phases of realization: project direction, how to interface with construction companies, suppliers and artisans, metric estimates and specifics.

Interior Design workshops and Executive Design


Class Credits
History, criticism and methodology of interior design 5
Perception and representation of interior design 5
Computer-assisted representation techniques 5
Technology 1 5
Technology 2 5
Technology 3 5
Design workshop 1 – home 5
Design workshop 2 – office and retail 5
Design workshop 3 – public spaces 5
Final thesis 8
Internship 7
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