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Interior Design

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Professional one-year Diploma awarded by Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

Software Certificates


Interior Design

Interior Design

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Interior Design
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Professional one-year Diploma awarded by Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

Software Certificates


The Interior Design Professional Course deals with the design and realization of the most intimate of spaces: where we live, where we work, the public spaces we inhabit. It is the most subtle and communicative area of architecture. The student will develop the ability to design and realize projects of all kinds: housing, offices, commercial spaces, hotels, public spaces, temporary installations for exhibition and fairs.

The course awards 20 CFP for architects registered in the CNAPPC.


The course is aimed at high school graduates, from all types of secondary schools, who intend to develop an in-depth knowledge of this field, and who want to undertake a creative and rewarding profession. The course is especially suitable for people who have other commitments, thanks to its thrice-weekly lessons.

Students who are curious and resourceful will find this program particularly suited to their interests. A good educational basis and IT skills are great assets for the prospective student.


The course trains professionals who own the design process as a whole and who have a solid knowledge of the technologies and materials of the field. The program also focuses on the history and culture of furnishing, in order to give the students the necessary critical tools. Finally, it aims at teaching the students how to best represent an interior design project manually and digitally.





The interior decorator trained by this course can work as a freelancer; can direct the execution of projects on site by coordinating workers and supplies. He or she can work in the public sectors and with commercial companies. The skill set taught in this course can be used in a variety of design fields.



The Interior Design course includes teaching of a theoretical-critical and technical-operative nature and is characterized by the particular attention paid, both during the course of lessons and in the design laboratories, to a number of specific aspects of decoration, namely:

  • a study of the models that have characterized the historical evolution of decoration. Criteria for the selection and placement of furnishings of design, and ancient and modern art;
  • a profound study of both natural and artificial light, as an architectural element that is determining for the characterization and atmosphere of an interior;
  • analysis, peculiarities and uses of new materials and guidance aimed at the choice of traditional and innovative finishings for decoration. Techniques for setting up temporary special events, meetings and exhibitions.
Class Hours
Technical drawing 32
CAD 2D 26
Technology 44
Digital modelling – Bim/Revit 40
3D modelling – Rhino/V-Ray 36
History of interior design 40
Furnishing techniques 28
Design workshop – home (theory) 36
Design workshop – home (historical centre) 36
Design workshop – home (contemporary city) 36
Design workshop – offices and retail 36
Design workshop – events and installations 30
Discipline and law for Interior Design 50
Prototype design 60
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