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Habitat Design

Three-year Undergraduate Degree
Start date

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Monday to Friday
Degree and certificates obtained

First level Academic Diploma recognized by MIUR

Software certificates

Habitat Design

Habitat Design

Three-year Undergraduate Degree
Habitat Design
Start date

Enroll by
Monday to Friday
Degree and certificates obtained

First level Academic Diploma recognized by MIUR

Software certificates

The Habitat Design undergraduate course deals with the study of the physical, natural and artificial structures we inhabit.

Spaces of life and work, green spaces, everyday objects: they are all part of the historical and cultural heritage that the Habitat Designer molds and shapes.

In accordance with our Learning By Doing approach, you will constantly be involved in laboratories and workshops, and you will meet companies and agencies which are already involved in the designing market. You will explore how the Habitat Designer is one of the most eclectic and flexible professions – a fluid body that fits into every space and environment of everyday life.


This undergraduate course is aimed at high school graduates from all types of secondary schools, as long as they want to dedicate themselves – to paraphrase Munari – to Art as a trade. In other words, the student will learn a distinctly expressive-artistic technical activity that focuses on improving a living environment both aesthetically and functionally. The role focuses on the small scale; it’s less involved with bureaucratic-administrative procedures and doesn’t involve town planning.

The course aims to build a holistic approach and sensibility to the human environment, and therefore develop a set of tools and skills to ensure its care and increased quality.


The aims of the Habitat Design course are:

  • to guarantee that the students develop a mature critical sense, an understanding of the problems connected to transformational interventions on the living environment, and the skills to reach the most suitable solution to them;
  • to provide students with the technical knowledge and education to design and produce projects on both the artisanal and industrial level, so that they can start their professional careers speedily and satisfyingly;
  • to ensure graduates possess a solid planning method that encompasses creativity and rigour, supported by adequate skills in manual and computer-assisted representation, and in-depth knowledge of the most advanced software available for 2D and 3D design and virtual modelling;
  • to form professionals who are experts of multiple and complementary techniques, with a solid working method; but who also have a flexible planning attitude, which allows the young professional to deal with the challenges of fast-paced social changes, not only with the existing ones.




By graduating in the Habitat Design course the student can aspire to become:

  • Interior Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Garden Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Modeler
  • Set Designer
  • Renderer



First Year credits hours
Design methodology 6 36
History of applied arts 6 36
History of contemporary architecture 6 36
History of contemporary art 4 24
Technical and design drawing 8 80
Foundations of computer design 6 60
Materials science 6 60
Design Studio 1 10 100
Elective 4
Seminars, Workshop, Competitions 4
Total 60


Second Year credits hours
New materials science 6 60
Digital photography 4 40
3D-1 digital modelling techniques 4 40
Product design 1 6 60
Design Studio 2 6 60
Landscape design 6 60
Aesthetics of the visual arts 8 48
Theory of perception and gestalt psychology 6 36
Elective 6
English language 2
Seminars, Worshops, Competitions 6
Total 60


Third Year  credits hours
Product design 2 6 60
3D-2 digital modeling techniques 6 60
Design Studio 3 8 80
Phenomenology of contemporary arts 4 24
Layouts and visualization techniques 6 60
Exhibition design 6 60
Multimedia installations 6 60
Design management 6 36
Theories and techniques of interaction 4 24
Final Thesis 8 80
Total 60





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