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Green Design

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Professional one-year Diploma awarded by Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

Autodesk Certificate

Green Design

Green Design

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Green Design
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Professional one-year Diploma awarded by Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

Autodesk Certificate

The Green Design course explores all that is “green” today, in the creation of interior and exterior spaces. From ephemeral installations to eco-compatible technological devices, the course deals with all the ways that make green design the chameleon protagonist of contemporary design.

The program exhamines the multiform features of green design in today’s market and production landscape, and it provides an in-depth analysis of the most recent interior design trends and experimentations in the field of product and interaction design. This training path is based on the interconnections between green/product/technological innovation; it allows students to promote themselves as experts for private clients, green and design companies, architecture firms, event companies and institutions.

The course deals with all kinds of open spaces: from the terrace to the garden, from parks to in-between spaces, for public use or as extension of the home. These are all spaces of harmonic coexistence between natural and artificial, of reconciliation between man and nature. The Garden Designer operates in a space oriented towards the mitigation of human impact and environmental regeneration.


The course is geared towards designers and architects who wish to specialize in this field. It is also suitable for high school graduates from any type of school who wish to enrol in a training course geared towards immediate entrance into the the job market. The student doesn’t need any previous experience or skills in the field, as all classes start from the basics; in the case specific skills might be required, Quasar will activate the necessary complementary class.


The course explores the value and potential of green spaces as not only design element, but also as the cornerstone to promote green thinking at all levels and scales of design (interior, garden, temporary exhibition, product, interaction). The program gives special consideration to innovation and the new frontiers of technological experimentation applied to the use of the natural element in a project.





The Green Designer who has completed this training course is able to manage an indipendent professional studio. He or she can follow the execution of on-site works and operate in both the private and public sector, for the fitting of open spaces at all scales: parks, gardens, terraces, balconies, patios, greenhouses (winter gardens), courtyards, in-between spaces.




Class Hours
History of garden design 12
Green thinking 20
Botanics – vegetal species 20
Drawing and field survey 24
Cad 2D 32
2D graphics 20
Photography 10
Design 1 (green areas and gardens) 28
Green technology 1 12
Design 2 (installations) 28
Green technology 2 12
Interaction design – basics 16
Product design – basics 16
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