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Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

Citizens of the Eternal City: partnerships and solutions to live in Rome

Over the years, the quality of the Quasar Institute educational offer has attracted many young people who have moved to the capital.

It is therefore our concern to guarantee to every student, and especially to International community, support and assistance in finding suitable housing solutions. Quasar Institute for Advanced Design has created a real widespread housing network, stipulating agreements and conventions with important realities in the Roma territory; selecting accommodation in the nearbies of the headquarters with high levels of comfort and livability.

By implementing an organizational model similar to that of the most prestigious Anglo-Saxon universities, Quasar Institute has chosen to build a network of accommodation organically integrated with the urban context of the city center.
A choice that, while maintaining the sense of community and belonging to the Quasar family unaltered, respects the students’ need for independence on the one hand, and the intimate charm of Rome on the other: a reality that rejects mass solutions and finds its authenticity in the private home; in the network of alleys, small courtyards, glimpses, historic buildings.

quasar institute campus

06 9652 0394

Via Boezio, 6, Roma, RM, Italia

Special promo reserved for Q-Card holders:

€ 58.00 single room with bathroom + breakfast + WIFI access

€ 78.00 double room with bathroom + breakfast + WIFI access

Via Crescenzio, 17A, Roma, RM, Italia

SPOTAHOME is a platform for online reservations of houses and rooms for rent for medium-long periods, present in 16 cities worldwide.

Use the 25% discount code “QUASAR25” on our booking fee. This code is available to students, staff and teachers of QUASAR DESIGN UNIVERSITY.
 +39 3791468503 (whatsapp messages only)

quasar institute campus

DoveVivo is the first and largest co-living company in Italy.

It manages a portfolio of around 950 homes in 5 cities, thanks to a network of over 350 owners. Our end customers make up a community of over 4,000 tenants who recognize DoveVivo as a reference point for living in the city, allowing them to focus on study and work.

To help you find accommodation abroad and a replacement for your room in Rome, Quasar Institute for Advanced Design recommends the HousingAnywhere network, the international student accommodation platform. On this platform you can book in advance and safely a room in your destination city and at the same time propose the room you leave in Rome to an incoming student, to avoid paying two rents and to find it on your return.

quasar institute campus

Comfort of home

Special promo 10% reserved for Q-Card holders

quasar institute campus

Uniplaces is an online platform that helps users from all over the world to find accommodation in Europe with over 10 million nights already booked in over 40 European cities.

Booking is simple, paying is safe, and you can view thousands of reliable properties in the best European cities.

quasar institute campus

ERASMUSU is the largest international student community where you can book safe accommodation in Rome and around the world, enjoying a discount for students of the Quasar Institute.


  1. Search our student rooms for rent, filtering “Verified only”
  2. If you want assistance, write to dates, cities and budget or to be contacted fill out the form
  3. Book with this link by entering the promotional code QUASAR30 and you will get a 30% discount on the booking fee

To further support the students, Quasar Institute for Advanced Design has designed Q-CARD: a card that gives access to a world of benefits, discounts and advantages to better face a new life and focus immediately on the didactic and training aspects.

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